Accelerate your startup and raise €100K

The MoveUp Festival is an all-in-one acceleration formula for top innovative startups initiated by Digital Attraxion in collaboration with Dour Festival and Cabaret Vert.

We want to level-up startups that can create a synergy between culture and sustainable development, accompany the best ideas and bring them to life during a world-renowned festival!


We’re proud to present the two winners of the Startup Acceleration and the Live Experimentation at the Cabaret Vert Festival.

The adventure continues...


An ashtray made of biomaterials mycelium, the vegetative and root part of mushrooms allowing butts to become food and an environment for mushroom cultures, due to the bio-absorption of toxic materials from butts filters.


A smart public rubbish bin composed of an innovative system that recognizes each type of waste and sorts them automatically by placing them in the correct compartment (plastic waste, paper or other).

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How can we make eco-friendly festivals using digital technologies?

Key focus themes

Carbon offset 








Circular Economy


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Prize pool

The winning startup will undergo a one-month acceleration program with Digital Attraxion and their partners, whereafter they will showcase its solution during the Live Experimentation, on Aug 22-25 at the Cabaret Vert Festival —

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a unique opportunity to apply to the DA Validation Program and up to €100,000 convertible note.

Who can join this program?

We’re eager to connect with various entrepreneurs;
all you need is an MVP!

(and a motivated team, including a dev to attend the bootcamp)

photo © Didrik Launay

Online registrations are now closed.

Bootcamp agenda

Online opening agenda — July 1

18:00  "Official launch" by BeMyApp

18:15   "Growth Hacking" by MAD Kings

19:00  "User experience" by Underside

19:45 "Data impacts on your project" by Speaky

20:30  "How to find your first client?" by Brightbiz

Online Bootcamp

You'll receive an invitation to the MoveUp Festival ideation platform.

Get access to a the opening live conferences on July 1!
All the conferences will be available in replay on the platform.

On site Agenda

Day 1 - July 11

17:00 Welcoming participants

18:00 Official launch

19:00 Pitch battle

19:30 Dinner

20:00 Workshop

21:00 Projects review

22:00 Code, work...

Day 2 - July 12

09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Teamwork

11:00   Workshop

12:00  Deadline project page

13:00  Lunch

14:00 Workshop

15:00 Feedbacks with Dour attendees

18:00 Projects review

20:00 Dinner

22:00 Code, code, code

Day 3 - July 13

09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Teamwork

11:00 Technical tests

13:00 Lunch

15:00 End of code

15:30 Final Demos

18:00 Winners announcement




Workshops Agenda

Day 1 - July 11

Workshop | Growth Strategy — The journey of a successful startup and its evolution (from creation to internationalization).

Day 2 - July 12

Workshop | Coach in decision making — What are the required actions for a good decision-making process?


Workshop | Pitch training — How to succeed a 3-min pitch?




Move Up Festival

July 11-13 

Dour Festival

Live Experimentation

August 25

Cabaret Vert Festival



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